New Texas Institute to Improve Remote Telehealth Access

by | Sep 24, 2023 | Telehealth News

The recent announcement of the establishment of the TTUHSC Institute of Telehealth and Digital Innovation is a big development in terms of healthcare delivery. Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center (TTUHSC) has a history of utilizing telehealth to enhance access to medical services, especially for individuals residing in remote and rural areas. The new institute is a result of TTUHSC’s ongoing efforts to refine and expand these services, tapping into advanced technology to improve both the reach and quality of healthcare.

This initiative is rooted in the university’s extensive experience in telehealth, a journey that commenced in 1989. The program was initially conceived to link TTUHSC’s four original campuses in Lubbock, Amarillo, Odessa, and El Paso. It has since evolved, expanding its reach to connect healthcare professionals with patients in distant rural areas. This expansion has been significant in facilitating medical consultations and delivering essential healthcare services to underserved populations, thereby mitigating the challenges posed by geographical barriers.

The Institute of Telehealth and Digital Innovation aims to consolidate and amplify these efforts. The institute’s operational framework is embedded in the utilization of digital health tools, encompassing technologies such as electronic health records, mobile disease management applications, and in-home monitoring solutions. AI and IoT are integral components of this framework, aimed at enhancing the accessibility and quality of care, improving research, and driving the education of digital health. John Gachago, the institute’s Executive Director, emphasized the strategic position of the university to lead the expansion of digital health across its operations.

A distinctive feature of the institute’s strategy is the implementation of the “hub-and-spoke” model. This involves the creation of healthcare hubs at TTUHSC’s campuses, which will act as nodes for extending healthcare services to rural and underserved areas. Rather than pulling healthcare away from these areas, the institute is focused on pushing services outwards, leveraging partnerships with local entities and existing community resources. This approach aims to make healthcare more accessible and responsive to the specific needs of diverse communities, enhancing the quality and reach of services.

The institute is also committed to a triad of core objectives: access to care, research, and academics. Collaborations with regional healthcare and hospital partners are central to expanding specialty care and chronic disease management, especially in predominantly rural service areas. On the research front, there is an emphasis on strengthening the analysis and examination of clinical efficacy and health care outcomes. In an academic sense, the institute is dedicated to ensuring that the forthcoming generation of healthcare professionals is adeptly trained in the multifaceted aspects of digital health.

The recent efforts of TTUHSC Institute of Telehealth and Digital Innovation represents a measured and strategic approach to enhancing telehealth access. Its establishment is a reflection of a concerted effort to integrate advanced technology, research, and education, aiming to improve healthcare accessibility and quality. It is an initiative grounded in years of experience, and is oriented towards future innovations, striving to make healthcare more attainable and equitable for all, especially those in remote regions.

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