Millin Associates allow physicians to switch over to EMR for free

by | Oct 12, 2009

After Obama set forward the rules for for physicians to adopt electronic medical record systems, it also set aside $19B to facilitate them. But unfortunately where 75% of doctors practice in offices with 10 doctors or fewer, the investment is cost-prohibitive as the technology costs from $25,000 to over $75,000.

As such, according to the survey by the New York Journal of Medicine, the fact that only 17% of physicians use computerized records does not come as a surprise. To help the physicians overcome this cost hurdle Millin Associates allows physicians to switch to electronic medical records — free — and make their practice more profitable.

Millin Associates have been leading the medical billing field for 27 years and now they provide physicians, nationally, in any specialty, electronic medical records software free of charge. Millin empowers physicians to better receive payments, streamline costs and minimize denied claims.

Millin’s electronic medical systems is CCHIT-certified. With state-of-the-art software and unparalleled knowledge, Millin works denials, posts claims, ensures patients are eligible, and verifies deductibles. They provide a convenient patient portal: patients schedule appointments online; physicians send for tests and receive patients’ medical histories upfront.

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