MGMA survey reveals that practices still not prepared for HIPAA 5010

by | Jun 29, 2011

The Medical Group Management Association has released its survey which reveals that most of the physicians are still unprepared for a shift to the new electronic claims submission standards known as HIPAA 5010, although the adoption deadline is just six months away. Only 9.2 per cent of the physicians were performing test procedures to the software updates provided by the electronic medical record vendors and about 38.2 per cent had no schedules for such tests as yet.

Of the 356 practices that MGMA surveyed, just 15.2% had conducted an impact analysis to examine what the practice needed to do to prepare. Most practices said they had either not started preparing (45.2%) or were less than 25% done preparing (26.4%).

However, whether the medical practices participated in the event of 15th June was not revealed by the survey. The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services had declared June 15 as National 5010 Testing Day. The American Medical Association and the MGMA had suggested that CMS conduct such an event.

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