Medical Establishment Should Concentrate Over EMR Software

by | Aug 28, 2008

With the launch of Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act into the force and implementation, it has increased conventionality and complexity of paper-based office. The most difficult part of HIPAA is that responsibility of regulating and carrying over the clauses of HIPAA completely lies with medical establishments and hospitals. And many of the procedures get digitalized with a very rare paper work and in most of the cases; it is done once throughout the life of an implemented procedure.

Most of the medical data is now regulated through electronic medical records, automating functions; however, it has raised new concern for law enforcement agencies with some cases of medical records theft. So in order to keep things in touch and regulation, the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) last year started an unannounced HIPAA audits forcing offices and hospitals to be consistently up date policies and practices involving patients records.

In such a traumatizing situation a medical establishment can contact with an EMR software company to provide system and base to effective abide by clauses and law of HIPAA.  Be sure any system that you are buying is HIPAA complaint. Your HIPAA compliance software includes Digital signatures and encryption on all patient information, intra-office database, and safe secure backup capability. In your search for EMR software, look for software that has already been certified as HIPAA-compliant, preferably by multiple independent organizations.

3-Steps to HIPAA Compliance

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