Hyland acquires CSC Group to expand its hold in healthcare sector

by | Dec 8, 2010

Hyland has acquired Computer Systems Company (CSC) Group for an undisclosed sum. CSC deals in areas like clinical healthcare systems with ultrasound imaging and reporting, and revenue cycle management solutions. After the deal, Hyland customers will be better able to convert their paper-based documents into digital assets that can be made accessible to organizations’ clinical, financial and administrative applications.

Hyland’s lead product is OnBase, an ECM that the company recently announced would be turning SaaS and be available globally. By tying in CSC’s document software tools, the package becomes increasingly rounded. With huge sums being invested, in part due to the HIPAA act, there is plenty of competition from both giants like IBM and niche vendors that Hyland might compete with or look to snap up including:

•    Mediconnect, a document management system for medical professionals.
•    MRO Corp, a provider of release-of-information (ROI) and audit tracking software for the medical industry.
•    Vaporstream, a company that captures communications between medical professionals to archive messages for medical and legal reasons.

With large sums of government money being invested continually and hospitals and doctors looking to invest in useful life and time-saving technology, the healthcare sector is increasingly on a rise.

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