How to go about a HIPAA audit?

by | Aug 8, 2009

Auditing and Enforcement ensures that the implementation plan is actually meeting HIPAA requirements and generating the reports from the auditing requirement of Security Compliance. HIPAA compliance is an on-going process of auditing and enforcement of standards. Just like any other audits, HIPAA audits also require proper steps.

Determining the scope of the audit and then planning accordingly is perhaps the most important and most difficult part of HIPAA audit. A narrow scope will not reflect the accurate status of the organization with regards to HIPAA compliance and then too broad a scope will lead to wastage of time in minor and insignificant issues. While planning, look into these key points:

1. Understand the HIPAA Security Rule, what truly is required and needed.

2. Identify the HIPAA Security Officer, as they should be the key personnel involved from the start.

3. Understand and identify your current resources points

After determining the scope of the audit and planning the steps, the HIPAA audit can begin. Always start broad and narrow down as you identify key information points. Then, identify and look for nefarious means an outsider would use to gain access. Double or triple check results to ensure that a system does or does not have EPHI. Then, rate your system on a scale of 100 whether or not it complies with various regulations of HIPAA. A score under 20 shows that your system needs immediate repair and that it is not complying with HIPAA in accordance.

3-Steps to HIPAA Compliance

Step 1 : Download Checklist.

Step 2 : Review Your Business

Step 3 : Get Compliant!

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