How to Cope With Problem of Medical Identity Theft?

by | Aug 21, 2008

Medical Identity Theft is known as criminal activity as operated by individual or group of Individuals of stealing someone’s identity in order to get medical supplies or services. This type of theft is, generally, committed by two group of people, one, who is either known to you, or the other one that is inside the business; who is in hospital where your medical records are kept or anyone closely associated with your medical service provider.

Your medical information thus gets passed on from the thief to crime rings, ID theft and individuals for money. Never let your SSN (Social Security Number) and health record number to be left at any place nor allow any one to use your number as it can be misused by them.

The other thing that you can least do to save your medical record is demand of health records when visiting a doctor. This though cannot stop anyone from stealing your medical records but you at least can have a hard copy of your medical record.  As most of the people generally don’t know they are victim of Identity theft and when they know, then it happens otherwise in hard way. They receive medical bills for the services never used by them and worst happens that they get arrested for nothing of their fault.

The process of getting your medical identity back is a difficult process it is obvious that there is different opinion that is adopted by different medical centers on your complaint. You can start the things by filing a police report. In case, you are still facing problem the best that you can do is that can ask for the copy of HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act). HIPAA never provide legal deletion of your medical record, however you can make an amendment to the record.

And even bill collectors are also very difficult to get rid of until and unless hospital and service providers are co-operative.  It can even take years to get your medical identity back.

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