HIPAA to AID in Fake Doctor’s Excuse

by | Nov 1, 2008

So in order to get sigh of relief from over burdening of job pressure, it is not ill to seek refuge from the fake doctor excuse for unnecessary job pressure. Simply fake doctor excuse, relives you from the checkups from the company doctor’s whether to check out your medical fitness.
These fake doctor excuses one can get downloaded online and can be edited as according to one’s desire. And these fake doctor excuses to be passed out as original doctor excuses should have medical company’s logo. The chances of getting these fake excuses recognition from the HR department increases when they are backed up by a reputable logo backing it. And there should be address of the medical company that has issued you medical company logo and information.
The contact info should be consisted of address of the clinic, the name of the medical practitioner and contact number of the clinic for call verification. You should next mention of medical problem in form of simplest ailments like severe diarrhea and stomach discomfort without mentioning about the medical history in the medical note.
And above all it is the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) that protects you from divulging any information to the company’s doctor. Under medical security act all information in the medical note is secret and protected and you can go for well deserved leave.

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