HIPAA comes as a blessing for health insurance of cancer patients

by | Oct 1, 2009

Cancer patients find it very hard to deal with their health insurance. Besides their fight against deteriorating health, they also have to fight in getting what they deserve from their insurance plan.

When the treatment for cancer is complete, the effect that a cancer diagnosis has on your health coverage in the future is drastic but thanks to HIPAA, now-a-days, access to health insurance for people who have been treated for cancer and other serious conditions has improved.

With HIPAA, it is now easier to move from one job to another without losing group health coverage. Under HIPAA, for instance, group health plans can’t deny an application for coverage solely due to health status.

HIPAA also limits the exclusions for pre-existing conditions such as cancer. In general, it provides more protection for those in group health plans, but it does provide some protection for those in individual plans.

However, since state laws governing insurance differ greatly, one should always check in with related state department of insurance or other departments that regulate managed care or insurance for better information.

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