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by | Oct 6, 2010

People who look for high-quality, consolidated, easy to understand, and low-cost online training programs on HIPAA can go for HIPAA Exams, a Colorado-based company, has been offering quality HIPAA training to many healthcare professionals, business associates, and health insurance administrators for six years. The programs offered by the company include HIPAA Security, HIPAA Awareness (privacy), HIPAA training page and ARRA and HITECH Act of 2009–2010.

The HIPAA courses not only include all the information related to HIPAA, compliance, deadlines, and penalties, but also deal with guidance in implementation of HIPAA in your job and office, technical guidelines and regulations for HIPAA Privacy rules, and regulations for HIPAA security rules.

The new offers from HIPAA Exams include HIPAA Security, HIPAA Awareness, and ARRA and HITECH Act of 2009–2010 in one package. It is also launching two new courses Bloodborne Pathogens and HIPAA in Spanish from October 1 and November 1, respectively.

The company offers this facility to individuals as well as multi-users. Individual users just need to sign up, log in, start learning, review material, take final test, and print the certificate. If it is multi-users account, each user is provided with a registration link to log in. The purchased training material will automatically appear on the screen.

3-Steps to HIPAA Compliance

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