Features of HIPAA Online Certificate

by | Apr 17, 2010

HIPAA Online Certificate is a unique self-contained image file that allows your organization to maximize all the control over accessing all the information about its certification efforts

By requesting a certificate of conformance an organization is agreeing to the following terms:

* The file being validated is a real data file that has been generated by processes that truly exist within the organization.
* During the testing lifecycle, when an error was received, the organization modified the actual processes and procedures used to create the file, and did not simply modify the final data file in order to receive a “passed” report.
* The data file is representative of the lines of business that the organization supports for the transaction being certified.

While these rules are simple, they depend upon trust and integrity between trading partners, and not just the automated validation process. When an entity receives a certificate, it indicates that the submitter was able to generate a valid HIPAA file. It means that the partners have done their best to shorten the time between testing and production.

The result of the certification process is a unique self-contained image file that allows your organization maximum control over access to information about its certification efforts.

Each certificate generally contains the following features:

* Certification Definition. Each certificate contains a clear definition of what certification does and does not mean.
* Certifying Organization. Each certificate contains a set of distinguishing information about the certifying organization.
* Implementation Guide. The HIPAA implementation guide used for certification is clearly displayed on each certificate.
* Watermark. A watermark, an embossed version of the certification logo, is located in the background of the certificate with the organization and file information written on top.
* Status. The certification status is clearly indicated in bright blue text.

3-Steps to HIPAA Compliance

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