ePharmaSolutions joins hands with iTrials for better patient recruitment process

by | May 29, 2010

ePharmaSolutions, a leading provider of clinical research technologies and services, has joined hands with iTrials to help improve the site selection and patient recruitment process. For this,  ePharmaSolutions will integrate iTrials’ longitudinal patient database into its CRID (Clinical Research Investigator Database), linking practicing physicians and experienced research Investigators with iTrials’ patient data to provide detailed views on each Investigator’s protocol-specific patient populations from within their own practice and their established referral networks. Pharmaceutical companies will be able to contract directly with ePharmaSolutions to provide this service at the study level and/or license the SFA (Site Feasibility Application) for self-service access to the global Investigator database

“For the last 10 years iTrials has developed one of the industry’s largest HIPAA-compliant sets of longitudinal patient data, linking more than 80 million patients with over 350,000 physicians including each patient’s diagnoses, procedure events, age, gender and even original referral physician,” stated Lance Converse, CEO of ePharmaSolutions.  “This data is very helpful in both protocol/site feasibility and patient recruitment campaigns and will be integrated into our Site Feasibility Application (www.epharmasolutions.com/sfa) for better site profiling and selection,” he added.

“Our new partnership will provide the pharmaceutical industry with actionable data to help improve site feasibility and patient recruitment that until now has been either too expensive or not packaged in a way that was meaningful to study teams,” stated Mike Hassell, CEO of iTrials.  “We are now in a position to support our clients’ needs at both the study and enterprise level,” added Hassell.

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