CipherEngine: A policy for global security, encryption and configuration

by | Oct 5, 2010

CipherEngine is a global encryption policy, key and configuration management solution enabling comprehensive network data protection and provides global security policy management, encryption key creation, encryption key distribution and configuration from a transparent management network layer.

This solution helps you centrally manage your encryption deployment, monitor and manage encryptors from a single interface, make real time changes to security polices, generate and dynamically distribute encryption keys based on group policies and securely push encryption keys and policies to CEPs.
Policies defined within CipherEngine specify what traffic to protect and how to protect it. These policies can use various encryption selectors, such as source IP address, destination IP address, source and destination port number, protocol ID or VLAN tag ID. Each policy specifies:

  • The type of traffic the policy affects
  • The action that is to be performed (encrypt, send in the clear, or drop)
  • The Networks Sets the policy will protect
  • The CEPs included in each Network Set

CipherEngine includes log and audit reporting mechanisms, allowing you to collect and monitor important criteria such as enforcement point status, policy changes, device configuration changes, and password changes. It also utilizes password controlled access to provide various levels of users so enterprises can restrict or provide different levels of system privileges to specific individuals.

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