Apptix launches Secure Mail for email protection

by | Apr 28, 2010

Apptix is the leading provider of hosted Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft SharePoint, and business VoIP services for businesses worldwide. The company has now announced the launch of Apptix Secure Mail which will provide email encryption and decryption at the desktop for secure end-to-end transmission. It will protect messages while in transit over the Internet, and at rest in the local email stores and in corporate email archives. Persons sent an encrypted message that do not subscribe to the Secure Mail service will receive a notification email with a link to retrieve the message at a secure web-based portal.

The features of Apptix Secure Mail include:

• One-click security – Users simply click a “Secure” button within the Outlook email client before sending to have the application encrypt the message.

• Send to anyone capability – Subscribers receive the encrypted mail directly in their Inbox; non-subscribers collect the messages via a secure Web portal.

• No key exchange or management required – Intelligent key lookup occurs transparently, eliminating the need for users to exchange and manage encryption keys.

• Strong encryption and authentication –Standards-based technologies such as Public Key Infrastructure (PKI), Triple Data Encryption Standard (3DES), Advanced Encryption Standard (AES), S/MIME and X.509 certificates establish confidentiality, message integrity, and user authentication.

“Apptix Secure Mail is a cost effective, end-to-end encryption solution for customers, particularly in healthcare and finance, to meet regulatory compliance requirements,” James Bond, Vice President of Product and Software Development with Apptix. “From within Microsoft Outlook, users can send secure messages to any email address including Gmail, Yahoo, or Hotmail accounts, even if the recipient does not subscribe to the email encryption service. In addition, customers do not have the hassle of sending shared secret passwords or negotiating certificates/encryption keys—everything is seamless and transparent.”

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