Wheel’s Virtual Care Platform Welcomes Talkspace, Cost Plus Drugs, and Health Gorilla for Enhanced Patient Access and Choice

by | Mar 7, 2024 | Digital Health

Wheel has made progress in improving its Integrated Virtual Care system by welcoming three companies into its operations: Talkspace, Mark Cuban Cost Plus Drug Company (Cost Plus Drugs), and Health Gorilla. These additions will help to expand Wheel’s capabilities, enabling its customers to seamlessly connect patients with important healthcare services, including mental health support, transparent pharmacy options, and streamlined diagnostic services. The Integrated Virtual Care system by Wheel combines top-tier technologies, care networks, and solutions to facilitate the establishment of virtual care at scale for its customers. By integrating Talkspace, Cost Plus Drugs, and Health Gorilla into its platform, Wheel extends its reach and offers convenience and accessibility to patients while meeting the evolving demands of healthcare consumers.

Consumers increasingly prioritize convenience when accessing healthcare services, and Wheel’s system addresses this by providing a centralized destination for patients to access a range of integrated services. An independent study commissioned by Wheel outlines the willingness of patients to pay more for virtual care that is convenient and streamlined, further highlighting the importance of such integrated solutions in modern healthcare delivery. The study reflects the evolving preferences of healthcare consumers, indicating a strong demand for virtual care options that offer flexibility and ease of access.

The partnership between Talkspace and Wheel shows an effort to bridge the gap in mental health services, particularly in areas with limited access to therapists and psychiatric providers. With over 160 million Americans living in regions with insufficient mental health professional resources, the collaboration aims to leverage Talkspace’s network of licensed providers to expand capacity and ensure swift access to care. The integration of Cost Plus Drugs into the Wheel platform addresses concerns surrounding prescription drug affordability, a pressing issue for many patients. By transparently charging a standard markup on prescription drugs, Cost Plus Drugs aligns with Wheel’s commitment to providing affordable and accessible healthcare solutions. Health Gorilla’s inclusion streamlines diagnostic services, empowering patients and healthcare providers with actionable clinical data for effective virtual care delivery. These partnerships outline Wheel’s dedication to meeting the diverse needs of healthcare consumers while driving innovation and efficiency in virtual care delivery.

In addition to expanding access to mental health services, pharmacy options, and diagnostic services, the integration of Talkspace, Cost Plus Drugs, and Health Gorilla into Wheel’s platform has broader implications for the future of virtual care. These partnerships signify a shift towards a more in-depth approach to healthcare delivery, where patients can receive care seamlessly and conveniently. By offering a single destination for a wide range of healthcare needs, Wheel allows patients to take control of their health and well-being while minimizing barriers to access. This approach enhances patient satisfaction and holds the potential to reduce healthcare costs by optimizing care delivery and preventing unnecessary hospitalizations or emergency room visits.

Michelle Davey, CEO of Wheel, emphasized the importance of collaboration, innovation, and patient access to care in shaping the future of healthcare. The strategic partnerships with Talkspace, Cost Plus Drugs, and Health Gorilla show Wheel’s commitment to offering patients a range of choices and ensuring superior care experiences for providers. Through these collaborations, Wheel aims to equip healthcare providers with the necessary tools to deliver high-quality care, streamline operations, and drive better outcomes. As Wheel continues to evaluate additional platform solutions, it continues with its goal of revolutionizing healthcare delivery and enhancing the accessibility and affordability of virtual care for all patients.

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