Virtual Baby Feeding Service Offered to Veterans in US

by | Jul 9, 2023 | Digital Health, Telehealth News

Expanding Access to Virtual Baby Feeding Support

SimpliFed, a national provider of lactation and baby feeding support, has partnered with Optum’s VA Community Care Network to offer virtual baby feeding support to veterans in the United States. This collaboration enables veterans and their families in 38 states, spanning Regions 1, 2, and 3, to access judgment-free services throughout their baby feeding journey. With services available seven days a week, starting from pregnancy and without any cost or appointment limits, SimpliFed aims to improve perinatal health outcomes and empower veterans to feel confident about feeding their babies. The partnership with Optum demonstrates their commitment to ensuring that veterans have access to evidence-based and personalized baby feeding support.

Enhancing Maternal and Child Health Outcomes

Evidence-based baby feeding support is crucial for both child and parent, starting during pregnancy and continuing through the early stages of a baby’s life. SimpliFed’s virtual support has been shown to significantly improve breastfeeding rates and maternal and child health outcomes. Data from the CDC reveals that 87% of SimpliFed patients successfully breastfeed at three months, surpassing the national average of 69%. Furthermore, 92% of SimpliFed patients report reduced stress and anxiety, as well as increased energy and empowerment when it comes to feeding their babies. These positive outcomes highlight the importance of SimpliFed’s services in promoting the overall well-being of veterans and their families.

In addition to partnering with the Optum VA Community Care Network, SimpliFed has established contracts with several national commercial, TRICARE, and state Medicaid plans. Through these collaborations, SimpliFed aims to improve access to breastfeeding and baby feeding support during pregnancy, at no cost to families. By working closely with health plans, SimpliFed ensures that veterans and their families have the necessary support and guidance throughout their baby feeding journey. SimpliFed’s clinicians assist patients in formulating feeding plans during pregnancy and continue to provide ongoing care and support beyond childbirth. This comprehensive coverage ensures that veterans receive the support they need, regardless of their chosen feeding method. Female veterans, who make up 10% of the veteran population and represent the fastest-growing group among veterans, face distinct challenges and an increased risk of pregnancy-related mortality. Unfortunately, many veterans’ facilities lack maternal health care services. Recognizing the importance of virtual lactation support, SimpliFed aims to address this gap. The partnership between SimpliFed and Optum aligns with the VA’s telehealth initiatives and extends its reach to provide comprehensive care for female veterans. By leveraging technology, SimpliFed ensures that virtual baby feeding support is accessible to all veterans, regardless of their geographic location.

Progress and Future Initiatives for Female Veterans:

While female veterans have made significant progress in recent years, they continue to encounter challenges and barriers in accessing healthcare services. SimpliFed aims to collaborate with community resources that understand the veteran population, such as veteran service organizations, and work closely with the VA to raise awareness. By partnering with these organizations, SimpliFed ensures that female veterans are well-informed about the support and benefits available to them. Additionally, SimpliFed provides reminders to parents about important postpartum and well-baby visits, conducts maternal mental health screenings, and offers referrals to resources as needed. By addressing the specific needs of female veterans, SimpliFed is taking steps to improve their overall well-being and healthcare outcomes.

ISimpliFed’s collaboration with Optum’s VA Community Care Network expands access to virtual baby feeding support for veterans across the United States. Through evidence-based and personalized care, SimpliFed has shown positive outcomes in breastfeeding rates and maternal and child health. The partnership demonstrates a commitment to providing comprehensive coverage and ensuring that veterans and their families have access to the necessary support throughout their baby feeding journey. By addressing the unique needs of female veterans and collaborating with community resources, SimpliFed aims to improve awareness and enhance the healthcare experience for this deserving population. Through these efforts, SimpliFed not only advances baby feeding support but also expands access to a range of crucial healthcare services for veterans and their families.

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