The New Digital Health Organization by AstraZeneca

by | Feb 23, 2024 | Digital Health

AstraZeneca has launched Evinova, a health technology business designed to integrate digital health solutions into clinical research and patient care. This initiative is a step for AstraZeneca, as it aims to enhance the efficiency of clinical trials and the process of medicine development. Evinova will use AstraZeneca’s pre-existing digital solutions, extending its services to clinical research organizations, trial sponsors, healthcare teams, and patients globally. Evinova’s main goal is to improve the design and execution of clinical trials using digital technology. The new entity is a response to the need for more cost-effective methods in drug development, with the company’s strategy including processes that both improve the efficiency of clinical trials, and exploring digital patient monitoring and therapeutic methods.

A main feature of Evinova is its unified trial solution, a digital toolset designed to aid in aspects of conducting clinical trials. This system allows for the collection of diverse data, including information from connected medical devices, both at trial sites and in patients’ homes. The solution supports functionalities such as virtual visits, telehealth services, and direct-to-patient medicine delivery, emphasizing a patient-centered approach. Another key component of this system is a patient app, which is available in over 40 countries and in more than 80 languages, showing Evinova’s ability to have a global reach. As well as trial management, Evinova offers tools for study design and planning, utilizing AI and machine learning. These tools assist clinical teams in developing effective study designs, taking into account various factors like cost and patient experience. They provide real-time data and insights, aiding in decision-making processes. The platform also includes environmental impact assessments and patient experience estimates, reflecting a comprehensive approach to trial planning. Evinova also features a portfolio management tool, providing real-time insights and analytics to researchers. This tool allows for an overarching view of clinical programs and trials at different levels, facilitating effective management and adaptation to any deviations from initial plans.

Operating independently within AstraZeneca, Evinova benefits from the company’s expertise and resources. It has formed strategic partnerships with clinical research organizations such as Parexel and Fortrea, and tech companies including Accenture and Amazon Web Services. These collaborations are critical for widening Evinova’s reach and promoting the adoption of its digital products by a diverse range of customers in the pharmaceutical and biotech sectors. Evinova aims to improve patient experiences and outcomes by offering digital solutions that are grounded in science and evidence. The organization is in line with the digitalization in healthcare, a shift seen as highly necessary for the future of medicine. Evinova’s scientific knowledge and digital innovation positions it to make a positive impact in healthcare transformation, enhancing patient care, and contributing to a more efficient and sustainable healthcare system.

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