Teladoc to release new health app in 2023

by | Jan 7, 2023 | Telehealth News

This week, Teladoc Health announced the release of a new app that will enable users to access the whole spectrum of its services in a single location and under a single account. The app
According to Teladoc Chief Medical Officer Vidya Raman-Tangella, the app, which encompasses primary care, mental health, and chronic condition management, is aimed to consolidate all of Teladoc’s assets into one personalized platform, making care navigation and selection easier for users. The app is available to a select number of Teladoc’s existing clients this month. Teladoc intends to release the app to the open market later in 2023.

Customers can currently conduct virtual doctor appointments with the Teladoc app. According to a Teladoc press release, the new app will enable users to examine physician-based integrated care plans, evaluate treatments for which they are entitled under their health plan, and access care coordination services with nearby medical professionals.

The app for Teladoc’s direct-to-consumer mental health app BetterHelp, for example, will stay separate. It will feature all of Teladoc’s services that can be covered via employers and health plans.

Addressing care coordination and navigation is a requirement for virtual care amid concerns that patients’ own doctors may be left out of the loop as more people prioritize their medical needs through third-party virtual encounters.

By combining various healthcare services to address users’ medical needs, Teladoc claims that their new app puts consumers at the heart of their care. Real-time data from patient interactions will also be used to improve future medical decisions. The app will offer services in both English and Spanish.

The cost of creating and releasing the app is unknown to Raman-Tangella, but Teladoc aims to spend up to $400 million on research and development overall this year, which includes the release of the app to a wider audience.

A precise launch date was not provided by Teladoc.

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