Teladoc set to release mobile application in 2023

by | Jan 4, 2023 | Digital Health, Healthcare Industry News

Teladoc is set to release a mobile app in 2023, giving customers access to a variety of services that
are covered by their healthcare plans. Users of the new app can view services for which they are
qualified for under their individual plan and browse other treatment plans created by doctors.
Patients can also coordinate care with Teladoc in person clinicians. Teladoc currently offers a mental
health application ‘BetterHelp’, which is used by individuals seeking remote therapy and counseling
sessions, however, the new application will remain separate. The landscape of the healthcare
industry is changing vastly, as patients are opting to avail of external services to their regular
clinician for healthcare issues. With this, there is opportunity for the level of virtual healthcare to
develop through new technology used to improve the co-ordination of healthcare.
Through the integration of healthcare services required to address a person’s health needs, Teladoc
claims that its new app puts the user at the center of their care. Real-time data from patient
interactions will also be used to improve future medical decisions. The app will offer services in
multiple languages, including both English and Spanish, the two most utilized languages in the
United States. Over one hundred new Spanish-speaking providers have joined Teladoc in the past
twelve months, through investments made. It is evident that a high priority of Teladoc is to make all
the services that they provide, available in Spanish on both their new application and existing
website. According to data from the company, as of 2022, more Spanish-speakers than non-Spanish-
speakers experienced favorable outcomings through availing of Teladoc Healthcare services.
Dr. Vidya Raman-Tangella, the chief medical officer at Teladoc Health explained the objectives of the
new application in a press release, stating: “Our goal is to provide options for those individuals who
don’t have primary care or good chronic condition management or mental health support,”…This
fully integrated experience not only helps individuals navigate between physical and mental health,
but it also takes into consideration social determinants of health that play an integral part in their
Issues with care coordination have been highlighted in research conducted by Teladoc, where 60
percent of consumers chose virtual access to all of their care. By virtually integrating all the
healthcare services required to meet a full set of physical, mental, and socioeconomic needs,
Teladoc Health is attempting to create an innovative experience that places more emphasis on the patient than ever before.

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