Suki Secures Premier Sticker of Approval and Gains Access to Thousands of Potential Hospital Customers

by | May 7, 2024 | Artificial Intelligence

Suki has recently secured a national group purchasing agreement with Premier Inc., a healthcare improvement company. This partnership is a big opportunity for Suki, providing it with potential access to a network of over 4,350 hospitals and healthcare systems—a reach that surpasses its current market presence by a factor of 16. This extensive reach could help Suki to enter a leading position in the healthcare AI assistant market. The agreement enables Premier’s vast network, which includes 300,000 providers, to access Suki’s services at rates pre-negotiated by Premier, ensuring affordability and value. This deal outlines Premier’s confidence in Suki as a superior choice over other AI tools and streamlines the procurement process for member hospitals and health systems, simplifying their transition to advanced technological solutions. This alliance is seen as a strong endorsement of Suki’s technological capabilities and its potential to enhance clinical efficiency.

The arrangement between Suki and Premier reduces the bureaucratic issues associated with the adoption of new technologies within healthcare settings, making it easier for health systems to integrate Suki’s solutions. The efficiency of this partnership is highlighted by the accelerated contractual process, which reduces the typical acquisition timeline from months to just a few days. Such rapid integration is crucial in the fast-paced healthcare sector where time savings translate directly into enhanced care delivery and cost reductions. Suki’s AI tool offers an ambient listening feature that automatically drafts clinical notes during patient-clinician interactions, which helps in reducing the clerical load on healthcare providers. This capability is helpful in improving the accuracy of medical records and supports the health systems’ coding and billing operations, optimizing reimbursement processes. The ease of Suki’s integration with major EHR systems further ensures that it complements existing workflows rather than requiring health systems to overhaul their technological infrastructure, making it an attractive proposition for many of Premier’s members looking for efficient, scalable solutions.

In terms of functionality, Suki’s AI tool is designed to seamlessly integrate into existing clinical workflows across various specialties and settings, from ambulatory care to inpatient environments. This integration includes compatibility with major EHR systems such as Epic, Cerner, Meditech, and AthenaHealth, which facilitates a broad adoption across different healthcare settings. Suki supports diverse documentation strategies, allowing healthcare providers to either start their clinical notes in Suki and pull relevant data from the EHR, or vice versa. This flexibility in documentation approaches is necessary for addressing the unique needs of different clinical specialties and individual provider preferences. By automating routine tasks such as ICD-10 and HCC coding, and facilitating effortless dictation and data queries, Suki improves the productivity of healthcare providers and contributes to higher accuracy in clinical documentation, which is necessary for quality patient care and optimized health system reimbursement.

The partnership between Suki and Premier is set to play an important role in defining the future landscape of AI in healthcare. The evaluation process that led to Premier’s endorsement of Suki involved extensive demonstrations and reviews of customer references, which proves the reliability and efficacy of Suki’s AI solutions. This validation is likely to encourage other health systems to consider similar technological advancements, setting a precedent for the adoption of AI tools in the sector. As AI continues to become more popular in the healthcare industry, its potential to transform care practices becomes increasingly apparent, promising not only to enhance operational efficiencies but also to improve the overall healthcare experience for providers and patients. With plans for joint marketing initiatives, Suki and Premier aim to support widespread adoption of AI solutions, showcasing the benefits such as time savings, cost reductions, and improved care quality that these technologies can bring to the healthcare industry.

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