Solving the HIPAA Problem Using Compliancy Group’s Simple HIPAA Compliance Process

by | Mar 26, 2020 | Compliance News

Compliance with all demands of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) Security, Privacy, Breach Notification, and Omnibus Rules could be a big obstacle.

A lot of healthcare providers have set up a compliance program and thought that they were HIPAA-compliant, but they discover through a compliance review or HIPAA audit that they are not complying with a number of HIPAA provisions. Those errors could turn out to be really high pricey.

Compliance problems could quickly result in a data breach or can prompt the filing of a complaint with the Department of Health and Human Services’ Office for Civil Rights (OCR), which is the principal enforcer of HIPAA compliance.

OCR looks into submitted complaints and reported data breaches to ascertain if a healthcare organization has violated HIPAA Rules. It performs compliance audits to evaluate compliance of HIPAA covered entities and business associates of covered entities with all facets of HIPAA regulations.

OCR has increased its HIPAA compliance enforcement activities in recent years. In 2018, OCR charged covered entities and business associates with $28,683,400 in financial penalties in relation to 11 enforcement actions. In 2019, OCR issued financial penalties for 10 compliance investigations.

Resolving HIPAA Compliance Problems

Compliancy Group is aware of the great importance of HIPAA compliance and the challenges encountered by HIPAA-covered entities and business associates when attempting to employ and retain an efficient compliance program.

To make the HIPAA compliance process simpler, Compliancy Group has designed a software program that leads entities throughout the compliance process. The software program called The Guard streamlines all the things that an organization must do to accomplish HIPAA compliance, minimize risk, and avert penalties.

The Compliancy Group is hosting webinars from time to time to demonstrate the simplicity of using The Guard for completing the HIPAA compliance process.

With the help of Compliancy Group’s webinar and their compliance coaches, covered entities and business associates can realize compliance and meet all federal requirements. Find out more about the webinars being hosted by the Compliancy Group on this page.

3 Steps To HIPAA Compliance

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Step 2 : Review Your Business

Step 3 : Get Compliant!

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