PIC to Enhance EHR Integration with Advanced Ambient Clinical Documentation

by | Jun 27, 2023 | EHR & Interoperability

Epic, a leading provider of electronic health records (EHR), has partnered with Nuance
Communications, a Microsoft company, to introduce advanced ambient clinical documentation
integration. This collaboration combines Nuance’s Dragon Ambient eXperience Express (DAX
Express) tool, which utilizes conversational and ambient AI, with OpenAI’s state-of-the-art
model, ChatGPT-4, hosted on the Microsoft Azure OpenAI Service. By integrating DAX Express
with Epic’s platform, healthcare professionals can automatically generate EHR notes during
patient encounters, whether in-person or via telehealth, for immediate review and completion.
This strategic alliance aims to enhance healthcare efficiency and improve the overall provider-
patient experience.

Transforming Healthcare Delivery with DAX Express for Epic

DAX Express for Epic is poised to revolutionize healthcare practices by leveraging ambient AI
technology. The DAX ambient solution developed by Nuance has already showcased its potential
in transforming the provider-patient experience. With the added integration of generative AI
through Epic’s platform, healthcare providers gain more options to utilize technology effectively,
resulting in improved outcomes for both providers and patients. Josh Wilda, the chief digital and
information officer at the University of Michigan Health-West, expressed enthusiasm for the
collaboration, emphasizing the significant advancements it will bring to healthcare delivery.
Enhancing Productivity and Work-Life Balance for Clinicians
Clinicians who have incorporated DAX into their workflows have reported numerous benefits,
including improved work-life balance and reduced burnout. The introduction of DAX Express for
Epic further enhances these advantages. Healthcare providers can now save valuable time by
leveraging the capabilities of this integrated solution. Clinicians have reported saving an average
of seven minutes per patient encounter, allowing them to accommodate an additional five
appointments per clinic day on average. The seamless integration of DAX Express with Epic’s EHR
system expedites the generation of clinical notes, eliminating the labor-intensive task of manual

documentation. This time-saving feature enables clinicians to redirect their focus toward
providing high-quality care and treatment to their patients. Hal Baker, MD, chief digital and
information officer at WellSpan Health, praised DAX Express for its ability to streamline the
documentation process and allow physicians to prioritize patient care without unnecessary

Unlocking the Potential of Ambient Clinical Documentation

DAX Express for Epic is an inclusive offering available to users of DAX, ensuring a seamless
transition for clinicians already utilizing the DAX ambient solution. Dragon Medical One
customers can also benefit from DAX Express by purchasing it as an add-on, thereby harnessing
the advantages of this cutting-edge technology. In line with strict privacy and security standards,
Nuance has developed DAX Express as a HIPAA-compliant solution. Both Epic and Nuance
prioritize the integration of trustworthy and secure AI products into healthcare systems,
ensuring the utmost protection of patient data.
The partnership between Epic and Nuance to enhance EHR integration with advanced ambient
clinical documentation marks a significant milestone in the healthcare industry. By harnessing
the power of conversational and generative AI technologies, healthcare providers utilizing Epic’s
platform will experience a remarkable transformation in their daily workflows. DAX Express for
Epic empowers clinicians to automatically generate EHR notes during patient encounters,
significantly reducing the burden of manual documentation. This technology not only improves
work-life balance and reduces burnout for healthcare professionals but also enables them to
deliver enhanced care to their patients. As the healthcare landscape continues to evolve,
collaborations like this drive innovation and pave the way for a more efficient and patient-
centric future.

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