Online Pharmacy Alerts 105,000 Patients Concerning Cyberattack and Probable Theft of PHI

by | Jan 18, 2022 | Compliance News

The digital pharmacy and health application creator Ravkoo in Auburndale, FL has begun informing selected patients concerning an unauthorized person who accessed and likely stole their sensitive personal information.

Ravkoo makes use of Amazon Web Services (AWS) to host its online prescription site. The site suffered a cyberattack that was noticed on September 27, 2021. After the knowledge of the data breach, Ravkoo took prompt action to safeguard the website and engaged third-party cybersecurity specialists to aid in the forensic investigation, mitigation, recovery, and remediation initiatives.

The investigation established the compromise of sensitive patient data, which include names, telephone numbers, addresses, a number of prescription details, and limited medical information. Ravkoo explained the affected site didn’t include any Social Security numbers, which are not retained in the impacted portal. The forensic investigation uncovered no proof that suggested the improper use of data stored in the portal.

Ravkoo already submitted the cyberattack report to the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and is helping with the inquiry. Ravkoo likewise has employed forensics professionals to assess the security of its AWS system. Steps are currently being undertaken to strengthen security to avert other data breaches down the road.

The security breach report has been sent to the Department of Health and Human Services’ Office for Civil Rights stating that approximately 105,000 persons were impacted. Affected people are being given free use of Kroll’s online credit monitoring service as a preventative measure, which consists of access to resolution services in the eventuality of identity theft.

The Intercept’s Micah Lee mentioned in a September 28, 2021 Twitter update that an attacker had taken responsibility for the cyberattack on Ravkoo and stated the patient site was “hilariously easy” to get into and needed the usage of a secret admin website that any user can sign in to and get patient records.

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