OCHIN Gains Eight Organizations For EHR System

by | Jan 4, 2024 | EHR & Interoperability

A notable development occurred within the network of OCHIN experienced at the end of 2023. The Oregon Community Health Information is a network leading provider of health IT solutions. Eight community healthcare organizations and one rural hospital implemented the OCHIN Epic Electronic Health Record (EHR) systems, a strategic move aimed at enhancing case access and streamlining clinical workflows. This integration portrays the expansion in OCHIN’s reach, now reaching over 5.5 million patients across nearly 2,000 healthcare delivery sites nationwide. The organizations joining OCHIN’s network last quarter include names such as Central Outreach Wellness Center in Pittsburgh, PA; CAMcare Health Corporation in Camden, NJ; and Harmony Health Medical Clinic in Marysville, CA. The expansion also showed OCHIN’s move into acute care, with Burnett Medical Center in Grantsburg, WI, going live with OCHIN Epic Acute.

The decision by these healthcare entities to adopt OCHIN Epic’s EHR system is a commitment to improving healthcare delivery, particularly in rural and medically underserved communities. OCHIN’s expertise in health IT, honed since their founding in 2000, has positioned it as a big player in transforming healthcare delivery through technology. The implementation of OCHIN Epic EHR systems across these new member sites is expected to offer enhanced patient management capabilities and facilitate better coordination of care. This development is positive, considering the diverse range of healthcare providers joining OCHIN’s network, including rural hospitals, community health centers, and various other healthcare organizations.

As well as these implementations, other healthcare providers are also actively upgrading their IT infrastructure. New England Orthopedic Surgeons (NEOS) has chosen athenaOne, a cloud-based suite offered by athenahealth, integrating EHR, revenue cycle management, and patient engagement solutions. This implementation is aimed at supporting NEOS’s continued growth and enhancing patient-centered care. Similarly, Premier Orthopaedic and Hand Center has opted for eClinicalWorks V12, a cloud-based EHR system designed to improve patient care delivery and reduce administrative burdens. The selection of these systems by NEOS and Premier Orthopaedic and Hand Center demonstrates their focus on adopting cutting-edge technology to enhance operational efficiency and patient care.

The integration of OCHIN Epic EHR systems by the eight ambulatory community healthcare organizations and the rural hospital is a clear indicator of these entities’ dedication to utilize technology for better healthcare outcomes. By joining OCHIN’s network, these organizations gain access to an interconnected system that improves both their operational efficiencies, and enhances the quality of care provided to their patients. The adoption of these systems is an excellent step for these organizations in keeping up with the demands of healthcare delivery, in terms of providing equitable access to care in various community settings.

The successful implementation of OCHIN Epic EHR systems by these organizations, along with the adoption of other advanced health IT solutions like athenaOne and eClinicalWorks V12 by NEOS and Premier Orthopaedic and Hand Center, illustrates a commitment to advancing healthcare delivery through technological innovation. These steps taken by various healthcare organizations are focused on specific goals: improving access to care, enhancing patient experience, streamlining clinical workflows, and optimizing overall healthcare delivery within their respective settings. As these organizations continue to integrate these advanced systems into their daily operations, they show potential to provide more efficient, effective, and patient-centered care to their communities.

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