New Telehealth Service ‘GNC Health’ Launched

by | Oct 20, 2023 | Telehealth News

GNC, renowned globally as a retailer of health and nutrition products, has recently announced ‘GNC Health’, a new virtual care service. This new service underscores GNC’s dedication to expanding its reach, presenting members with three tiers of care, tailored to suit diverse medical needs. As telehealth continues to gain traction due to its convenience and accessibility, GNC’s move into remote healthcare reinforces its commitment to addressing health inequities, making wellness more readily available, and adapting to the needs of today’s consumers.

This virtual care service is structured to deliver telehealth services covering a spectrum of common health concerns. These include allergies, colds, sexual health, asthma, mental healthcare, or physical therapy. The service has been designed with three specific membership tiers. The Basic plan, priced at $34.99 annually, is aimed at individuals and offers unlimited access to virtual urgent and lifestyle care, covering over 100 prescription medications. For those needing more extensive coverage, the Plus plan is available at $9.99 monthly for individuals or $29.99 for families. It incorporates all the benefits of the Basic plan and further includes virtual primary care and an expanded list of over 400 prescription medications. Families can benefit greatly with this plan, as it covers up to six immediate family members living in the same household. The Premier plan, which costs $39.99 for individuals and $59.99 for families monthly, incorporates everything from the others and introduces virtual mental health and physical therapy care services. As a bonus, all plans ensure that the telehealth services and medications involved carry a $0 copay. GNC Health members can avail discounts of up to 80% on a myriad of other medications at retail pharmacies.

The launch of GNC Health is not a standalone venture; it builds on the foundation of the supplemental healthcare service previously introduced for GNC PRO Access members. Existing PRO Access members have the choice to retain their current plan or opt for an upgrade, demonstrating GNC’s flexibility and dedication to customer choice. Allison Bentley, Senior Director of Strategic Programs at GNC Health, reiterated GNC’s vision, emphasizing that the introduction of GNC Health solidifies their commitment to supporting consumer health, and ensuring that the GNC brand remains at the forefront of the health and wellness industry.

GNC is not the only company moving into virtual care. There is lot of activity in virtual health services, with major retailers like Costco and Walmart announcing their virtual care initiatives. Costco has teamed up with Sesame to offer its members virtual primary care, health check-ups, and mental health services. Walmart is offering a no-copay virtual primary care service for its employees in partnership with Included Health, covering preventive care, chronic care management, and mental health support. Other big players, including Amazon and Walgreens, are also introducing their virtual health solutions, with Walgreens’ service connecting patients with care for various conditions, indicating the growth in this area.

The trend of retailers, including GNC, moving into virtual healthcare indicates a change in the industry’s direction. Experts believe retailers have an advantage due to their established physical stores and new virtual services, providing a combined online and offline experience. With the rising healthcare costs, especially for younger groups like Millennials and Gen Z, services like GNC Health become essential. They offer an affordable and accessible option for care, irrespective of insurance, potentially changing the way consumers think about their health and wellness.

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