New Melbourne based hospital operated by Unitas Healthcare set to adopt Telstra Health’s Kyra EMR

by | Aug 17, 2022 | EHR & Interoperability

Unitas Healthcare is an organization based in Melbourne that operates various healthcare assets, aiming to provide a high level of care to their consumers. Included in these assets is Sunshine Private hospital, situated in the West of Melbourne. Sunshine Private Hospital is a new private hospital worth nearly 100 million dollars. The facility includes a mental health oriented inpatient ward that specializes in depression and anxiety, in addition to a thirty-bed surgical and medical wing.

Unitas Healthcare has recently announced that it will begin implementation of Kyra Clinical Electronic Medical Record (EMR). The main features of Kyra Clinical’s EMR is to offer patients live access to their medical history and any upcoming appointments or medical prescriptions. This can also be viewed by the patient’s clinician as they look to deliver a professional diagnosis and optimal outcome for the patients in their care. Patients will also be given the ability to directly communicate with their clinician and their care team if they should be assigned one. The EMR was created by Telstra Health, an organization that provides digital health solutions to healthcare entities. Telstra Health enables healthcare providers with tools to give a high level of care to their patients, as well as giving individual clinicians to efficiently provide care through modern methods including telehealth services.

Telstra health believe the EMR they offer, gives healthcare providers an optimal means of transferring patients between experts and managing patient referrals from consultations they receive. Leaders from both Unitas Health and Telstra Health have commended the partnership, indicating that the EMR will allow hospitals to provide the best care possible and clinicians as many desirable patient outcomes as possible. The Sunshine Private Hospital is due to be opened during a period of 2023, where its four operating rooms, chemotherapy and radiology treatment and mental health ward will be fully operational. The EMR system by Telstra Health arrives following the launch of their new mobile application designed to equip staff working with residential aged individuals. The app, called Carekeeper, works similarly to an electronic medical record, allowing staff to view the care status of their patients and to document their ongoing care of the individual.

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