MiHIN to join forces with Smile Digital Health to enhance interoperability

by | Aug 21, 2023 | EHR & Interoperability

The Michigan Health Information Network Shared Services (MiHIN) has announced its collaboration with Smile Digital Health with the primary goal of enhancing health information exchange interoperability across Michigan. As the designated non-profit health information exchange for Michigan, MiHIN plans to utilize Smile’s Health Data Fabric (HDF) to develop an open standards ecosystem. This ecosystem is expected to support enhanced security, privacy, and scalability while also providing more effective interoperability services. There’s a potential benefit for MiHIN’s national subsidiary HIE network, managed by Velatura Public Benefit Corporation. Through the HDF, both MiHIN and Velatura aim to further develop their data sharing methods and extend comprehensive support for Velatura’s role in the national Patient Centered Data Home (PCDH) initiative.

Open standards in health data sharing play a pivotal role in improving patient care. Tim Pletcher, DHA, the executive director of MiHIN, reiterated the importance of such standards in ensuring that patient data can be accessed seamlessly across different healthcare systems. By fostering an environment where data is easily accessible and not trapped in isolated silos, healthcare providers can offer more timely and coordinated care to their patients. Smile Digital Health’s dedication to these open standards complements MiHIN’s goal of building an efficient, responsive health information exchange. The envisioned HIE will be capable of integrating useful data, measuring quality in real-time, and offering critical clinical insights when they’re most needed. MiHIN’s decision to partner with Smile was influenced by the platform’s dynamic design that supports real-time data exchange and updates. The emphasis on open standards ensures that a wide range of healthcare stakeholders can effectively interact and benefit from the system.

For Smile Digital Health’s chief growth officer, Shane McNamee, MD, high-quality data and insights are the foundation of effective healthcare delivery. The combination of MiHIN’s unique methodologies and Smile’s FHIR data platform holds the promise of a reliable and secure flow of contextual patient information. McNamee believes that the partnership will equip MiHIN to manage increasing data demands, especially as it further integrates with Velatura. The collaboration is anticipated to lead to more refined health data exchanges, which can, in turn, enhance the overall patient care process. MiHIN has been consistent in its efforts to set standards for health information networks, focusing on long-term sustainability and equal access. Smile’s HDF stands out for its focus on security, scalability, and consistent performance, making it a logical choice for MiHIN as it looks to modernize its operations. By integrating Smile’s offerings, MiHIN plans to streamline its systems and infrastructure, making a move towards cloud-native computing. MiHIN and Velatura hope to harness Smile’s advanced FHIR capabilities to introduce new data sharing strategies and analytics services. These initiatives are poised to play a crucial role in reshaping patient care and enhancing the scope of Velatura’s gateway hub within the national PCDH initiative.

Interoperability in healthcare is becoming increasingly essential for modern healthcare systems. In 2023, older methods involving data being confined to specific systems or locations, now slow down and inhibit the exchange of critical patient information. This lack of integration sometimes led to delays and inefficiencies, making it harder for healthcare providers to coordinate care effectively. As the healthcare industry continues to evolve, the shift towards interoperability is a practical and necessary transition. It emphasizes a focus on improving operational efficiency, reducing unnecessary delays, and fostering a healthcare environment that is better aligned with the needs and expectations of both healthcare providers and patients. The collaboration between MiHIN and Smile Digital Health serves as an example of this forward-thinking approach, reflecting a broader industry trend towards more integrated and responsive healthcare delivery systems.

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