Major Cancer Centre To Implement Streamlined Data Integration System

by | Jul 2, 2023 | Healthcare Industry News

Embracing New Technology for Data Integration

Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center (MSK) has undertaken an innovative technological stride towards improving cancer research. They have partnered with IgniteData, a UK-based developer of electronic data transfer solutions, to streamline data integration between their EHR platform and those of two significant clinical trial sponsors.

Automating Data Extraction with IgniteData’s Archer Technology

MSK will implement IgniteData’s Archer, a system-agnostic electronic data transfer technology, to eliminate the need for manual data transcription. Traditionally, data such as vital signs and lab results, which account for up to 50% of total data required, have been manually transcribed. With Archer’s Smart Mapping Engine, the technology can quickly match site and sponsor ontologies, normalizing complex healthcare data and facilitating swift transfer of regulatory-grade data from EHRs to the sponsor’s study database.

Streamlining Clinical Trials and Reducing Errors

The utilization of Archer not only eliminates manual data transcription but also reduces data entry errors and significantly curtails Source Data Verification (SDV) and query resolution time. For example, an average Phase 3 oncology study generates about 3.6 million data points. More than half of these eSource data already exist within patients’ electronic medical records. By automating data transfer, MSK is set to greatly reduce inefficiencies and delays, leading to a more streamlined clinical trial process.

Accelerating Pace of Clinical Trials

The main goal of this collaboration is to automate routine tasks performed by research teams and hasten the pace of clinical trial execution. Joseph Lengfellner, MSK’s senior director of clinical research informatics, has shared that this collaboration aims to speed up clinical trial execution, aligning with their ultimate objective of revolutionizing how the world approaches cancer treatment through research. This streamlined data integration initiative is currently focused on two major clinical trial sponsors, however, MSK and IgniteData have shared plans to expand this interoperability to other clinical trial platforms in the future, providing potential for further advancements in data integration and cancer research.

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