Healthcare providers look to enhance EHR experience and maximise levels of interoperability

by | Oct 24, 2022 | EHR & Interoperability

In recent analysis carried out in the 2022 Healthcare Provider IT Report by Bain & Company and KLAS Research, many providers are preparing health IT expenditures centered on EHR optimization to optimize both interoperability and productivity. Provider organizations, regardless of their size or levels of development, are recovering from the COVID-19 epidemic and beginning to evaluate their software offerings. It is evident that a requirement exists for health IT that boosts productivity and reduces labour needs is rising in the short term as a result of inflation in pay and clinician shortages. Approximately seventy percent of providers plan to turn to current vendors first with tested solutions before taking into account anything from new vendors. Despite a clear development in provider tech stacks, EHRs continue to act as the most important piece of software for many providers. Researchers commented on this, stating: “In the current environment, it is critical that vendors understand the investment posture of their customers, properly segment them based on their needs and behaviors, and refine go-to-market (GTM) models by articulating their differentiated value proposition in a crowded field…While the 21st Century Cures Act offers some promise for beginning to address these issues, material change has not yet occurred, and many providers remain skeptical about whether this regulation will bring about a real shift,”
Approximately 71% of healthcare professionals want to consult their EHR vendors before turning to other businesses for new solutions. We see this in the study, where it is revealed that that many providers are re-examining new or improved EHR services in fields like telemedicine, which continues to be a crucial strategic focus for provider organizations. Many national health systems are looking to incorporate improved telehealth capabilities as they deem it to be essential to the delivery of healthcare Authors of the report also noted that several large providers appear to be rethinking the virtual care platforms provided by their EHR vendors given the importance of better interoperability between care delivery platforms and EHR systems.

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