Forge Health Begins Next Phase with Board of Directors Expansion and Creation of Advisory Board

by | Mar 28, 2024 | Telehealth News

Forge Health has experienced growth in recent years within the behavioral health and substance abuse care sector. This growth has been evident through various avenues, including the expansion of its clinics, the addition of thousands of new patients, and a notable doubling of revenue in 2023. Operating primarily in the Northeast region, Forge Health has established a presence across five states—Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania. Through its 19 clinics, the company offers a hybrid model of care, incorporating both in-person and virtual treatment options to cater to diverse patient needs and preferences.

Since its inception in 2016, Forge Health has been driven by the mission to serve as a solution for outpatient mental health and substance use treatment, particularly focusing on individuals with moderate to severe conditions. CEO and co-founder Eric Frieman emphasized the company’s commitment to refining its value proposition and expanding its clinical care capabilities. Forge Health has opened ten new locations within the past year alone, reflecting its dedication to broader accessibility and enhanced service offerings. The company has built successful partnerships across various segments of the healthcare system, serving as the preferred behavioral healthcare provider for employers, health systems, accountable care organizations, and payers.

A key aspect that sets Forge Health apart is its targeted approach to addressing the needs of individuals with more severe behavioral health conditions—a population often underserved within the healthcare system. By offering a multidisciplinary care team and adopting an integrated care model, Forge Health aims to provide in-depth treatment that considers both mental and physical health needs. This approach aligns with the evolving understanding of the interconnectedness between mental health, substance use disorders, and overall well-being, reflecting Forge Health’s commitment to patient care.

In its pursuit of growth and innovation, Forge Health has enhanced its leadership team with individuals boasting extensive experience in payer relations and healthcare management. The addition of industry veterans such as Alisa Bahl, Ph.D., and Alan Muney, M.D., outlines the company’s focus on navigating the complex dynamics of the healthcare landscape. These seasoned executives bring valuable insights and guidance to Forge Health, supporting its efforts to create meaningful partnerships and drive transformative change within the behavioral health sector.

Forge Health has demonstrated its commitment to advancing research and evidence-based practices through initiatives such as national payer-led clinical outcomes research studies. These studies have yielded compelling findings, showcasing Forge Health’s ability to deliver tangible improvements in medical utilization and overall health outcomes for its patients. The company’s emphasis on data-driven decision-making and continuous improvement show its dedication to delivering high-quality care and driving positive outcomes for individuals with behavioral health needs.

Forge Health’s trajectory of growth and success represents its important role in the evolving area of behavioral health and substance abuse care. By prioritizing in-depth, integrated care models and building partnerships with stakeholders across the healthcare system, Forge Health is poised to continue driving innovation, improving care delivery, and ultimately shaping the future of behavioral healthcare in the United States.

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