EPIC EHR System Adopted by UH

by | Oct 6, 2023 | EHR & Interoperability

University Hospitals (UH) has recently made a significant advancement by integrating the Epic Electronic Health Record (EHR) system into its operations. Accomplished over a single weekend, this transition involved the migration of more than 5.6 million patient records and various scheduling systems, uniting them under a single, streamlined EHR. This change has been met with approval from UH’s management and staff, marking a major improvement in the organization’s commitment to quality healthcare and operational efficiency.

The integration of Epic EHR at UH is expected to offer numerous benefits, particularly in terms of patient access to care. One notable feature is MyChart, a user-friendly portal that simplifies the process of scheduling and managing appointments and accessing health records. MyChart connects UH’s health records with those of other healthcare organizations, locally and nationally, ensuring a comprehensive and accessible compilation of patient health data. This easy access to integrated health information is anticipated to promote better-informed decisions and more personalized patient care.

Previously, UH’s healthcare providers navigated through nearly twenty different computer applications to coordinate patient care. The introduction of Epic EHR has effectively consolidated these disparate systems into a single, unified platform. This integration facilitates efficient access to essential information, enabling healthcare providers to adapt their care strategies to individual patient needs and health statuses. The implementation process, grounded in a patient-first philosophy, saw the preparation and training of nearly 30,000 caregivers, supported by over 6,000 personnel, to ensure that the quality of patient care remained uncompromised.

The transition to Epic EHR is a testament to UH’s commitment to improving community health outcomes and the overall patient experience. In the face of ongoing challenges within the healthcare sector, the integration of this advanced system signifies UH’s adaptability and progressive approach. With this development, UH aims to enhance its healthcare delivery by combining technology with patient-centered care, strengthening its role in promoting health and wellness within the community. The consolidation of health records and the enhancement of patient accessibility to their health data underscore UH’s strides in aligning technology and healthcare for improved service delivery.

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