Are You HIPAA Compliant?

It is important you are HIPAA compliant if you are a solo practitioner or an organization that operates in the healthcare or health insurance industries, that qualifies as a Covered Entity, and that conducts electronic transactions for which the Department of Health and Human Services has published standards.

It is also important for you to be HIPAA compliant if you are a solo practitioner or an organization that provides services to or on behalf of Covered Entity as a Business Associate. Although you may not be required to comply with as many HIPAA standards as a Covered Entity, you can be held liable if a data breach occurs due to a failure to comply with HIPAA.

Our HIPAA Compliance Checklist can help you assess whether you are HIPAA compliant or whether you need to take further steps to meet the minimum requirements of HIPAA. The checklist covers all the information you should need to determine whether your organization complies with the HIPAA General Rules and the Privacy, Security, and Breach Notification Rules.

If you require further help to determine whether or not you are HIPAA compliant, we recommend taking advantage of third party HIPAA compliance experts. Third party HIPAA compliance experts can guide you through the checklist, provide advice on conducting assessments, and recommend further measures to ensure you become – and remain – HIPAA compliant.  

3 Steps To HIPAA Compliance

Step 1 : Download Checklist.

Step 2 : Review Your Business

Step 3 : Get Compliant!

Our HIPAA compliance checklist will outline everything your organization needs to become fully HIPAA compliant. Fill in the form below to download it now.

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