Why hospitals hesitate to follow Clinical Documentation Improvement Programs?

by | Oct 30, 2010

Clinical documentation improvement programs enable high-quality treatment to patients and eventually lead to the betterment of the hospital but there is a general myth that they hinder the proper functioning of the clinical audit which is considered essential for the proper functioning of medical institutions. It is because of this myth that many hospitals do not favor it.

The basis of this myth is the belief that documentation needs to be done right from the time the treatment of a patient starts and that accurate coding is to be given more importance than documentation. However, there is no truth in this myth as a good clinical documentation improvement program requires that health professionals must know how to put the documentation instruments into use and therefore, keep a record of the rigorousness of the cases of patients from the time he or she is admitted.

Some hospitals also believe that clinical audits are difficult and costly to apply is that it is difficult to put into practice and costly to apply. However, the fact is that it is not only affordable and effective but that an appropriate documentation is in itself recompense and that it is supportive. In fact, they eventually lead to the betterment of the hospital.

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