Security Cautions While Doing Network Scanning

by | Aug 21, 2008

As for any of the reasons, before starting any sort of network scanning program, it is very essential for you to get access into an existing secure network that includes secure file storage system. However, there are certain governmental regulations like Sarbanes- Oxley or HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) which requires mandatory security at the time when scanning of the Networking is on and or through process.

There are many issues that are to ascertain when employee files are scanned and on the top is the security concern who should be delivered responsibility of scanning and retrieving files. While through the network scanning many people comes into access with network, hence security is important at every stage. In order to keep the issue of network security on the top level it is the Hardware manufacturers are in alignment with software developers to establish security measures for authentication and document security.
These security features like SMTP (simple mail transfer protocol) and LDAP (lightweight directory access protocol) authentication led a user to transfer scanned and protected digital files. The other issues as related to the Network Scanning are technical incompatibility with the network file server and slower network performance as aroused from the scanning of network are needed to be addressed.

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