Lighthouse Continuity Partners LLC opens office in Greenville

by | Feb 9, 2010

With an objective of helping eastern North Carolina businesses with disaster preparedness and response, Lighthouse Continuity Partners LLC has established an office in Greenville. This office offers a full range of disaster planning services and products including a free initial assessment, project management, impact analysis, planning, strategy development, external agency coordination, training, exercising and other available disaster planning services. These services, which can also be customized according to specific customer needs, also include fire pre-plans and executive family disaster plans.

With the help of its external partners, Lighthouse Continuity Partners can provide specific disaster-related products including documentation templates, remote online computer system backup, information security services, HIPAA security audits, managed IT services and other products.

“We are excited to open our business office here in Greenville,” Chris Servia, president and chief executive officer, said in a news release. “Our location provides for full access to all areas of eastern North Carolina. For area businesses, there are several natural risks such as snowstorms, tornadoes and hurricanes. Each business also has unique risks inherent to the business industry of which they are a part. Our hope is that our business services can help protect and speed recovery in business disaster events.”

“Our partnerships ensure we can provide services to small, mid-size, and enterprise customers throughout the United States as well as locally. And our specialty includes planning for health care service organizations and helping them meet the electronic security specifications of HIPAA. We are uniquely qualified to help medical organizations prepare for disaster events,” Servia added.

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