How can physicians register their complaints against insurers?

by | Aug 20, 2009

Where there are strict laws regarding HIPAA for covered entities and healthcare facilities, there are also various ways in which physicians can register their complaints about health insurers and other payers. Some of the tools which the physicians can utilize in registering their complaints are:

U.S. map with links to State Department of Insurance complaint forms and State Medical Association complaint processes can be used to register complaints.

AMA HIPAA Complaint Form can be used with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) to inform the AMA about health insurers and other payers that are out of compliance with the HIPAA electronic transaction and code set standards.

AMA Health Plan Complaint Form can be used to let the AMA know about the hassles and unfair business practices you experience in your day-to-day interactions with health insurers.

You can file a compliance dispute under the Blue Cross Blue Shield settlement. For this find out what settlement provisions were agreed to and view the BCBS settlement map to see which plans and subsidiaries in your state have settled.

Health insurer settlements along with various tools may be utilized as a resource for filing complaints. The AMA has compiled pertinent information regarding the Multi-District Litigation Settlements and the UnitedHealthCare Regulatory Settlement.

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