97% of Americans want more control on their PHI: New survey reveals

by | Oct 21, 2011

Privacy advocate Dr Deborah Peel ‘s Patient Privacy Rights Foundation and Zogby International has conducted a new survey which has revealed that a whopping 97% of the 2,000 adults questioned want the right to control their own personal medical information and be allowed to limit with whom their “sensitive information” is shared.

In a press release accompanying the release of the survey results Dr Peel said “No matter how you look at it, Americans want to control their own private health information. They overwhelmingly believe that they are the only people in the right position to make decisions about how their information can be used. Researchers do not get a free pass.”

The survey reveals that many of the Americans want to be in control of all of their electronic medical records and have the right to limit with whom their doctors, insurance companies and even the government can allow the information to be given to. Some of them showed their worry about the fact that their sensitive information was at risk of being accessed by employers, researchers, ex-spouses and abusive partners.

Dr Peel’s Austin, TX based advocacy group is calling for the creation of a “do not release” list, something that would work along the same lines as the “do not call” lists that telemarketers must abide by. 73% of those surveyed said they would sign up if such a list were ever to be created.

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